If you’re going to play in Texas…

Visiting cousins in Texas is always fun. The main activity this time was going to a shooting range. There were a LOT of happy kiddos at this activity!

My favorite part about this activity was the group of older men shooting next to us. I loved hearing them talk about what a great thing it was to bring all these children out to the shooting range and how we were giving them the best experiences.

*quick note…the most accurate shooter in the family was me

One thought on “If you’re going to play in Texas…

  1. John P

    It was a real blast. A big thanks to Scott, Patti, and all the Greenwoods for showing us a great time on the shooting range and helping everyone shoot that needed help.

    * Melissa was, indeed, an amazing shot and continues her streak of being at least twice as good (if not better) than her husband in every shooting competition we’ve ever engaged in (pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc).

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